Learn how to safeguard yourself from online threats and develop a healthy relationship with your smartphone.

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According to data from the National Security Alliance, cybercrime is more common among Millennials and Gen Z. Simply put, we are not teaching young people to embrace safety best practices when it comes to technology.

Smartphone Safety Pro is a fun, online bootcamp that aims to prepare young people for the digital world. Just as we prioritize driver's education before handing over car keys, ensuring our youth are well-trained is essential before unleashing them into the world of smartphones.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the importance of personal data, explore privacy settings, and learn how apps handle and use personal information.
  • Recognize and avoid common phishing tactics in emails, messages, and links through safe online behavior.
  • Create strong, unique passwords, regularly update them, and explore secure password manager tools.
  • ¬†Recognize the concept of a digital footprint, manage online activities, and control the impact for a positive online image.
  • Set privacy settings, handle online bullying, and understand the consequences of sharing personal information.
  • Establish appropriate phone usage, understand the impact of screen time, and practice good manners and responsible behavior.

Your instructor

Meet Ben Taylor, the force behind 
Pleasant Green, a YouTube channel dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of online scams over the past five years, amassing a loyal following of over 1 million subscribers. His expertise has caught the attention of major media outlets, including Vice News, National Geographic, BBC Radio, and CBS Sunday Morning. Through his distinctive storytelling and engaging presentation style, Ben has empowered countless individuals with the knowledge to navigate the online landscape safely.

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